Monday, January 4, 2010

Ronald The Milksnake

My wife calls him the mean little bastard. He does have attitude. His name is Ronald. He is a Pueblan Milksnake. He is about 7 months old right now. This is the only snake that has ever bitten me. And he meant business. He was just grinding his tiny teeth into my hand. Looking at it from his point of view, he was only defending himself. He didn't know me. Now he does, but it took over three months to get him settled down. He was also an owner surrender. He was infested with mites. That can take one to two months to get rid of, if you're lucky and quarantined your new snake properly in a completely seperate room.I am working on an article about Mites and will post it soon.
Anyway, meet Ronald finally.


ET said...

Mike and Mrs. GhostBuster,
The Juvenile Vulure and all the snakies THANK YOU for helping them have another chance at life!..and I THANK YOU! WHAT A WONDERFUL THINK THIS IS......RESCUING WILDLIFE....RESCUING AYTHING! :-)
Sending you both my loving light!
Snotty Moo Cow ((((sMOOooochies&hugs)))))) all around!

ET said...

Mikie did you get the cages done. How is Ronald doing? I hope the Boa's like their new cages.((((hugs)))
Snotty Moo Cow (((sMOOooochies&hugs))))) :-)