Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pictures Sent In From Southern Ohio. Thanks ET!

These pics were sent in from ET in Southern Ohio. This is a wild black snake that lives in her house. She has not seen it in a while, but there was time when this snake would come out while she sat on her porch and look in her coffee cup. She became concerned and started putting water out for "Blossom" to drink. Blossom never hurt her and never, ever offered to bite.
I wish every one was like this. Too often, a snake this size found in some one's home, gets killed. I am glad that this wonderful lady, Elaine, prefers to enjoy a new experience and make a new friend.
If you have a great snake story to tell or any other animal rescue, please let me know. Send pictures if you can and I will put it on my site. I appreciate the help to try to change how people think about my long slithery friends and all the other wild animals out there, too.


ET said...

Ah Mikie! Thanks Hunnybunny! I wish everyone was like us as well. Blossom look sgood doesn't he?! I think he is about 6 feet long, not sure.

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a big fan of snakes, both the wild and domestic type, and I'm so glad Blossom is doing well!