Monday, April 13, 2009

Hermoine Makes a Lot of Friends

Ball Pythons are excellent snakes for pets. Hermione is so gentle. If she is afraid, she covers her head with her body and hides. My Jenny does that too. Sirrius, while small, is not afraid of anything so hiding isn't his style, but he avoids you.
The young lady with Hermoine in her hands is Amber. Amber hates snakes, but I introduced her to my Hermoine and she actually held her. By the time Hermoine was done charming her, Amber walked away with a better understanding of snakes, and she isn't as afraid of them as she once was. That's one down and millions to go. But I am determined. Snakes are waking up because it is spring. Please give them a chance this year. Let them do their job of keeping rodents out of your home. If you see one, back away slowly from it and go in another direction. They will not bother you. They want away from you as much as you want away from them. The environment needs them. We need them. Please don't slaughter them just because they are a snake.