Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some more on Harry the Boa

Harry is about 6 foot long. His cage is 4'. He hates to be in it. He is very nicely tempered however. After a thorough going over, we discovered 4 contact burns from the reptile heating rock that was in his cage. We threw the rock away. His cage is so small for him that he couldn't get away from the too hot rock completely. That is the main reason that i don't condone in using hot rocks. Giving you an example, it would be like me or you using a hot water bottle and putting it on our belly in a snowstorm.
This is my step son Jon looking at Harry. It kind of gives the pic some scale and you get a better idea of how big this guy really is.

The markings on his belly look like dog tracks.

This is the extent of his ability to stretch out. He even has creases down the length of him from always being curled like a rope. This has been going on for him since he reached his full size. Harry is 14 years old so you can imagine how many years he suffered.

We also have Jenny who is 8 feet long. We actually built a nice enclosure for her that encompasses half of a room. My wife is also not happy about that. :) But she handles it the best she can. Harry's former owner asked if we were going to breed the two snakes. The answer to that is a profound NO. Jenny and Harry are here because they are so big that no one wants them and obviously lack of dedication, commitment and proper husbandry. They start out as cute little charmers, but when they get as big as these two, they are harder to house and take care of. We would never make more OF THEM out there to suffer this same fate. I strive for life long commited homes for these rescues. We are actively looking for a good home for them. NOT BREEDERS. It doesn't hurt me one bit to home these majestic creatures until we can and if we can find them a forever home, because in my heart I know they are well loved here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meet Harry, my newest snake

This is Harry. I just got him today. He is an owner surrender, 6ft long male Boa Constrictor. His owner was away on business a lot and just couldn't care for him any more. Harry is about 14 years old. He is het. Anerythristic.
This is his home. A 55 gallon terrarium. Not big enough but hopefully we will fix that within the week.

This is how I got him. His owner came to my home and delivered him. I will keep you updated on his progress. I am actively seeking a good home for Harry and Jenny for any one who has the proper facilities to house them. I would prefer not to home them with breeders.

These snakes don't have a home because of their size and we don't need more out there to add to the problem. They can live to be 30 years old easily and are a life long commitment. If you are interested, email me.