Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking Care Of An Adult Red Tail Boa

Harry has been here
for a month and a half now and he is
doing well. As I get to know him and handle him, I am finding he is very friendly. So far, he has not offered to bite, even once. He is impatient to get out of his far too small of a cage, but other than that, he is eating well and is healthy.

People do not realize when they purchase a little 14 - 22 inch snake at the pet store that happens to be a Red Tail Boa, for example, how big they get. The enclosure above I built for Jenny. She is now over 8 feet long and her cage has to be at least that long so she can stretch out. My whole body is in her cage with ample room to spare. Harry needs one nearly this large. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of January.
My message here is to remind you that if you are looking for a snake as a pet, keep in mind that snakes live to be at least 20 years old, and if you are in the market for a large snake, you have to have a lot of room for them to live and maintain a decent existence. Jenny and Harry will be taking up an entire room in my home when I am done with their enclosures. Make sure you are willing to make that kind of a commitment.

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Unknown said...

Hello, from Trumbull county, Ohio!

First of all- very interesting info on the redtailed boa. I've seen them offered for sale in the local petstores in my area. My daughter ( who wants to be an herpetoloigist when she grows up) really wanted a snake, but we decided against the redtail as we were concerned about size. A little research certainly goes a long way, huh?

In the end we got a beautiful amel corn snake, very docile and eating very well. A great little guy, that my daughter named Lord Voldemort!

I really like your blog and your continuing efforts wuth snake education and rescue. Keep it up!