Friday, March 6, 2009

We will be at Thompson Park this summer!

Ya, it's cold right now, but spring is almost here, and summer isn't far behind. June 20 will be the first time I have my snakes out at Thompson Park for everyone to meet. I have 4. Buddy, a corn snake. Hermoine, a ball python. Sirrius Black, a black rat snake. And finally, Jenny, a red tail boa constrictor.

Please come out and meet them. I know that once you do, you will feel differently about snakes. Hermoine is such a nice snake. Meeting her alone should change your mind. She is short and stubby, but very sweet tempered and curious. She wants to see everything. Maybe once you meet these guys, you might think twice about running over a snake trying to cross the road. I have seen that happen a few times and I believe it is heartless. They do serve a vital and important role in nature. Without them, the world would be overrun with rats and mice for example. So, remember, June 20, 2009, at 4pm-Thompson Park- to meet me and my 4 snake friends so you can make them your friends, too.

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