Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jenny- A Second Look

This is Jenny's first time really being handled since I got her. She has been a little cranky, hissing and hiding her head. She has had to get used to a lot. Neecha
for example. Neecha is a noisy Rottweiler. I have been opening her enclosure every day and touching her lightly and talking softly to her. Mostly she buries her head in her coils and does her best
to look invisible.

Jon makes it look easy to handle her, but it wasn't at all. She is a lot of snake. You can see by the pictures that she is long(7'8") and bigger around than my hand. Once we got her out, she became very curious about her new surroundings and looked at everything.

As it turns out, she has a great disposition, though we handle her with great care. Certainly, I will not be getting her out alone. We finally obtained a rat big enough to make her a decent meal, and when she captured it, it was shocking, though impressive. She was lightning fast. In one second, she had the rat wrapped three times over. I learned a whole new respect for her just watching her catch and eat her dinner. I don't feed live, it may be nature's way,but in my home I am able to stop any needless suffering. I knock them out with CO2. Caring for her has been a learning experience . As long as she is handled responsibly she should make a fine ambassador for her kind this summer.

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