Friday, November 14, 2008

Jungle Carpet Python Care Sheet

Jungle Carpet Python Care Sheet

Size: 41/2-7ft

Enclosure: adults 40 gal. or larger

Temp: day ambient 80-90F night 75-80F

Substrate: newspaper, indoor/outdoor carpeting, aspen

Environment: cage furniture such as branches should be provided to climb. Elevated hide boxes can also be provided for a greater sense of security.

Humidity: 60-70% can go up to 80% after eyes clear during a shed.

Maintenance: temp gradient (as with all snakes). Fresh water daily. Spot clean daily. Every other day disinfect water bowl /5% blach solution(2tbs. bleach per 1 gal. water). Always wash hands before and after handling snake and any cage items so as not to transfer bacteria.

NOTE: Jungle carpet pythons do not show the adult coloration until they get to about 3-4ft.,

so it is tough to tell as neonates what they will look like as adults, but looking at the parents is a good resource.

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