Friday, November 14, 2008

Columbian Rainbow Boa

Picture on left is a Columbian Rainbow Boa,middle is a Brazilian and right is a Peruvian.

Temp: Ambient day 80-85F Basking 85F never to exceed those temps. Nightime 75-80F
Humidity: 75-90% Another option to increase humidity is to provide a box (plastic rubbermaid) w/a small hole in it filled with damp potting soil & sphagnum moss (not the brown stuff)!
Housing: 29gal. or larger
Substrate: bark,coconut bark or eco earth. This bedding holds moisture well and it duplicates their natural environment.
Food: baby/juvenile 1-2 times per week. Adults once every 7-10 days appropiate sized meal
(no bigger than the girth in the middle of the snake),to maintain proper body weight.
Maintenance: Spot clean cage daily. Change substrate(bedding) at least monthly. FRESH water daily. Disinfect water bowl every other day w/5% bleach solution(2tbs bleach to 1gal water). Always wash hands before and after handling any snake or cage item so as not to transfer bacteria.

Size: 5'-8'

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