Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gopher, Bull, Pine Snake Care Sheet

Enclosure: 20 gal min. the size of these snakes go up to 8 ft.
Temperature: 75-85 F (ambient) meaning the temp to maintain throughout the entire range of the enclosure.
Humidity: 50-60%
HEAT/LIGHT: ut heaters(under the tank heaters) the ones people use for their backs are ok and alot cheaper than the ones you buy at the pet store; red heat bulbs, does not require UV...
Substrate: I personally use aspen shavings, they are non-toxic and relatively cheap (@ wal-mart), potting soil to allow for burrowing. Never use cedar as this is toxic to all snakes!
Maintenance: Fresh water daily! Spot clean as necessary. A 5% bleach solution is an excellent disinfectant. (2 TBS per 1 GAL of water). Always wash hands before and after handling any and every snake and cage item so you do not transfer any bacteria from or to yourself or from and to your snakes.

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