Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Video Of Blossom, The Black Rat Snake

Remember Blossom, the Black Rat Snake? He visits a nice lady named Elaine in Southwest Ohio. She got some nice video of him and I am posting it on here for you to see. He is one big snake, but very gentle. She seems very close in the video and he just looks at her. Another perfect example of how snakes won't hurt you. They just want left alone. Blossom never once even offers to harm Elaine. Thanks Elaine for the great video!!! Blossom is a nice friend to have around the house!

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ET said...

Oh how nice to see my video on your blog Mike and Kim, thanks so much Hunnybunnies! Thanks for standing with me for the animals sake!((((sMOOoochies&hugs))))) :-)
With love,