Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Dropped Off Pup And It Pisses Me Off!

This little guy is Echo. I found him wandering down at Grimms Bridge near Calcutta. He had on a blue camoflage collar. Echo is 4-5 months old and was just abandoned down there by some ass hole who had absolutely no regard for him at all. We pulled 16 ticks off of him as we cleaned him up. He was so scared and hungry. He is just a baby.
Here is a link to see him. He is currently at the Columbiana County Dog Pound. I have 7 dogs already from other stupid ass holes dumping their dogs out around here. I would loved to have kept the little guy otherwise. The pound assures me that they have not put a dog down in over 6 years. I told them to call me if that ends up being his only option.
Please don't dump your unwanted pets out in the middle of nowhere. You leave them to fend for themselves against ticks and fleas, other animals like coyotes, and the chance of being hit by a car. If the area is remote enough, they face starvation. Don't be a stupid ass hole like Echo's former owner. Please take your pets that you don't want or can't keep to the shelter. It often does not cost to leave them, or if it does, the fee is usually small. Your pets are a part of your family. Don't just throw them away.