Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry it has been so long....

I have had a busy summer. A new job, and dealing with Jenny the Snake has been a constant challenge. I also found and rescued a clutch of baby opossums in August. They might not be to appealing to the eye when they grow up, but these little guys were pretty cute. There were 8 of them and miraculously, their mother's head was the only thing a car had struck. I thought she was still alive when I came across her and I was going to move her off the road. As I approached her, these little faces peered out from under her. I couldn't leave them there. Of course they were fierce. They hissed a lot but couldn't hurt anyone. I took them to Alchemy Acres in Salem, Ohio. That place is one of my favorite institutions in this county. They are better equipped for animals of this nature and said they would raise them and return them to the wild.
I finally got Jenny's cage finished. My wife is not happy because it literally takes up half the room. But Jenny has to be able to stretch out in order to reduce her stress. She is very smart and curious about everything. She knows where her cage door is and I find her sometimes waiting for me there or she comes to me when I open it. Her former owner did take good care of her, but she just got too big for him. I had no idea how hard it would be to find a suitable place for her so I think I have her for a while. She is very charming despite her size.
I will be updating this more often. Look for more articles to come soon. I have new little buddy named Ronald. He is a Pueblan milk snake (black, orange and white). Right now he is not too tame, and is the first snake to ever bite me. But things are going well and I hope to get him settled down soon. Thankfully snakes do not like the taste of latex.

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